Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Bud Ralston

In this digital age, everyone is a photographer. These photos are how I observe the world around us. In 50+ years of making pictures, I've tried to draw the viewer into place and time. Underlying all is my joy in the beauty I see.

aug·ment·ed | ˌôɡˈmentəd | adjective
1. having been made greater in size or value

There are times when one captures a photo of a beautiful bird or animal when it’s surroundings or backdrop are not attractive. This diminishes the creature’s image. Just as we work to present the sharpest, clearest image in our post-processing work, artificial intelligence programs now allow photographers to “improve” the setting in which an animal is presented. I have compiled a gallery titled “Augmented Reality” which contains folders of photos that have been manipulated. The creatures are real – the settings are "augmented.""
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